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Admiral Collingwood
5 Collingwood Street, Drummoyne, Sydney NSW 2047

Latitude        -33.849408;        Longitude    151.155351

“Only about 40 minutes rowing time from the City” – 1880s advertisement for the sale of the land (see under “About”)

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The Map on our Home web-page slide shows the location of the following relative to the Admiral Collingwood:

  • Drummoyne Post Office – north east corner of Lyons Road and Victoria Road
  • Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre
  • Ferry wharf Drummoyne – at end of St George’s Crescent and Wolseley Street
  • Opera House
  • Town Hall and the Queen Victoria Building
  • Circular Quay Wharf
  • Darling Harbour Wharf – it is directly west of Sydney Aquarium, slightly north west of where Market Street crosses Sussex Street

The Admiral Collingwood has excellent transport links

Many of our guests have commented on this:

Lee T: “the location is ideal and a 15 minute bus journey from Circular Quay”

Wynne Y: “The Lodge is also only a short walk from both the wharf and the bus stop, where access to the city area comes conveniently. Not only that, Drummoyne wharf is a place with a lovely view of the Parramatta River. We spent one morning catching the sunrise from there. It was beautiful.”

Sandra T: “Only a minute walk away from the bus stop to the city that comes every 10 to 15 minutes. Also buses back to the place were available even till 3AM in the morning on Friday and Saturday. Journey took me only 15 minutes with bus and about 7 to 10 minutes with private car or taxi.”

ialvarez26: “The location is not a problem. Drummoyne is out from the city but you have several buses 5 mins walking from the house and it takes 20 minutes to the city center.”

Airport Links

Sydney airport is conveniently very close to the City centre and to the Admiral Collingwood.

However there is no direct airport shuttle transfer yet to our hotel (except by prior arrangement). We are about 20+ minutes from the airport (depending on traffic) and ten minutes from the CBD – Central Business District of Sydney. Sydney itself magnificently sprawls all around Sydney Harbour.

Often flights into Sydney arrive very early in the morning. We can only guarantee a room before the official check-in time of 2:00 pm, if it is booked the night before. Of course, luggage can be left here between 7:00 am and 2:00 pm, by arrangement. If your room is available, we will let you in early. If you need to refresh or take a shower, we can usually arrange for this to be done.

The choices of airport links are in order of convenience (but not cost):
1. Limo;
2. Taxi;
3. Train & Ferry (scenic);
4. Train & Bus.

Off international flights, we, ourselves often take a taxi (depending on how exhausted we feel).

Off domestic flights, we usually take a train to Circular Quay and (depending on the ferry timetables) a ferry (preferred), or a train to Museum or Town Hall and then a bus. The interchange is relatively easy.

1. Limo:
We can arrange limousine transfer from the airport for $85-100 plus some $11 of tolls, (depending on traffic and time of day).

The driver would meet you off the flight, but we need:
a. At least a day’s notice in advance, so as to make arrangements and notify you back. We cannot guarantee the service at any hour.
b. Name of traveler(s),
c. Number of travelers,
d. Flight details, Flight number, time and date of arrival, and
e. Mobile cell phone number (for SMS text messaging).

The tolls of about $11 are incurred if traffic is heavy. If traffic is light, the driver can avoid $11 of the tolls.

2. Taxi:
There are always licensed taxis at the airport. One has to queue, for a short time. After 10:00 pm and before 06:00 am there is a $2.50 surcharge on taxi fares.

There are two routes: (a) via the “Expressway” or (b) via the “Back Way”.  We only take the Back Way, when there is little to no traffic.

2 (a)   The Expressway is the usual route taken by taxis.  It is quicker, especially in heavy traffic, taking about 20-30 minutes.  It should cost about $65 to $75, allowing for tolls.

2 (b)   The Back Way is slower, 30-40 minutes, has many more traffic lights, and costs about $55 to $65, depending on the traffic.

From the airport you must tell the driver: “The Back Way  – Via O’Reardon Street, Redfern and the Fish Markets”.

From the Admiral Collingwood to the Airport, you must tell the driver: “The Back Way – Via Harris Street, Redfern and O’Reardan Street”.

3. Train & Ferry:

There are frequent trains from the Airport to Circular Quay – $16.20 per adult. They take about 20-30 minutes.

Then take a Parramatta River ferry (about $5.75 – see “By Ferry, below) from Circular Quay (usually Wharf No 5) to Drummoyne Wharf for a glorious view of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and western Harbour. It’s a short walk uphill from the wharf to the Admiral Collingwood (see map above).


Ferries during the day are less frequent than at rush hours, but usually run at 7 minutes after the hour and 37 minutes after the half hour. If you have just missed one, either wait for the next or cross the road behind the wharf and take an M52 bus, or 507, 515 518 bus, which depart regularly.

4 Train & Bus.
Buy bus tickets at the Airport train station, or convenience stores, as nearly all buses require a pre-paid ticket.

4 (a) Take the train to Museum Station (exit “Bathurst St & Elizabeth Street”).

From Museum Station, there is a bus stop about two blocks away, on Park Street, between Castlereagh Street and Pitt Street.

Bus route numbers 500, 501, 506, 507, 510, 515, 518, 520 & M50, M52 all go to to LYONS and VICTORIA Road, Drummoyne.

We are two blocks down Lyons Road past the Post Office.

4 (b)  Take train to Town Hall Station exit “George Street West”).

Buses from the bus-stop at Druitt St (on the corner of Sussex St), just down the hill from Town Hall station and Queen Victoria  Building (known as “QVB”), to LYONS and VICTORIA Road, Drummoyne are more frequent. 

Bus route numbers 500, 501, 506, 507, 510, 515, 518, 520 & M50, M52 all go to to LYONS and VICTORIA Road, Drummoyne.

Every bus from there goes to Drummoyne, but ask the driver to be sure.

Collingwood Street and the Admiral Collingwood are two blocks downhill on Lyons Road past the Post Office (see MAP above)


By Ferry:

The Parramatta Ferry leaves from Circular Quay (usually Wharf No. 5) at the north of the Central Business District and from and to Darling Harbour, a few block from the Queen Victoria Building and Sydney Town Hall, every half hour or so – more in rush hour, less during the day. It provides a regular service through glorious Sydney Harbour past the Opera House and under Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge to and from Drummoyne Wharf.

Trains to and from Sydney Airport and other Sydney destinations, run regularly to and from Circular Quay, Museum and Sydney Town Hall.

There are also regular Parramatta route ferries to and from Drummoyne, connecting to Darling Harbour in the western side of the centre of the City and Circular Quay at the north end of the City.  The last ferry to Drummoyne, from Circular Quay runs at about 11:30 pm on week-nights – enough time to take in a performance at the Opera House, but only at 7:00 pm Sundays.

From Drummoyne Wharf, it is a short walk to Admiral Collingwood Lodge.

By Bus:

Sydney is moving to all buses requiring a pre-paid “Opal” bus ticket.  They can be bought at train stations, bus information booths, post offices, convenience stores and newspaper shops.  The M50 and M52 buses which run near the Admiral Collingwood require these tickets. Most other buses now require them, and certainly during busy peak hours.

The stop nearest us is “VICTORIA and LYONS Road, Drummoyne” – only two blocks from the Admiral Collingwood (see map)

There are buses from Circular Quay to Drummoyne (Corner of Lyons and Victoria Roads). – 500, 501, 506, 507, 510, 515, 518, 520 and M52

Every few minutes, buses leave Druitt St, City (alongside, but below the Town Hall on the corner of Sussex St) to Drummoyne Post Office (corner of Lyons Road and Victoria Road), two blocks from the Admiral Collingwood. All buses from there stop at Drummoyne Post Office. Similarly, buses arrive and depart Drummoyne Post Office from and to  Queen Victoria Building (QVB) and Sydney Town Hall, in the centre of the City every few minutes.  Buses run quite late at night (after midnight) and from early morning.

Circular Quay and QVB/Town Hall are major Sydney transport hubs.

In peak hours, exclusive bus lanes give quick access to the City and hence to other destinations.

There are direct buses to other destinations from Drummoyne, including Central Station and the University of Technology of Sydney (UTS) and Notre Dame University, Ryde shopping complex and Macquarie University and the Burwood shopping complexes.

The M50 goes direct, via the Sydney Cricket Ground and University of New South Wales to Coogee Beach from Drummoyne.

It is an easy route also to Sydney University, but requires a change of buses.

By Car

If using a GPS – Global Positioning System to find us, please ensure you enter Collingwood Street, DRUMMOYNE.

Admiral Collingwood was such an important hero that there are four Collingwood Streets in Sydney, in Manly, Woolwich, Bronte and Drummoyne.  The other three are quite distant from us.

The nearest cross-street is Lyons Road.

From the north west: across the Gladesville Bridge to top of hill, turn left at the Post Office lights into Lyons Road. Collingwood Street is the second street on the left.

From the CBD, exit the City to the west over the Anzac Bridge, turn right into Victoria Road. Cross the Iron Cove Bridge. You cannot turn right on Victoria Road, so proceed past McDonalds (on the left), then turn left into Tavistock Street. Turn left again into Marlbrorough Street up the hill. Turn left into Lyons Road. Cross the traffic lights at Victoria Road and Collingwood Road is second on the left.

Significant supply of free parking on street.